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October 2015

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Introduction to Nikuni's KTM Micro-bubble Generator

Recently major water treatment companies world wide have adopted the KTM pump as a standard technology in DAF applications. We have received excellent feedback on the KTM pump based on its outstanding performance, reliability, and ease of operation. Nikuni America is pleased to further introduce the advantages of the KTM pump when compared to a conventional system.

Pump functions: suction, mixing and pressurized-feed all in one unit.

1) Easy operation and maintenance

Systems utilizing the KTM pump are simplified compared to conventional systems which use
a compressor, a large dissolution  tank, and other components.

2) Does not require electrical controls nor fine adjustments

Once the KTM system's parameters are set, additional electrical setting is not required.

KTM based systems minimize the footprint created when compared to conventional systems.

4) Reduced running costs

The KTM pump reduces the amount of power used and the pump is the only component requiring
electric power for microbubble production (ex. no air compressor, etc.)


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