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Issue 201508

Cleans during machine operation without brining down the coolant level!
Case Study: LAX Demonstration on Machining Center During Operation
Cleaning... Dehydration... Dried Sludge
While running the machine, the LAX was used to clean the coolant tank. Because the LAX does not bring down the coolant level, it causes no coolant supply issues. The total time the LAX was used for the demonstration was about 10 minutes.
By removing the suction hose and sucking in air, the LAX dries the sludge that has been removed from the coolant tank.
Dried Sludge
The image above and to the left shows the dehydrated sludge that was removed from the coolant after only about 10 minutes.

To see a video of the LAX demonstration discussed in this issue, click the link below.

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