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Issue 201603

Coolant Tank Cleaners

Are you happy with your current coolant tank cleaner?

LAX Hydro Vacuum       VS     Central Coolant Systems

- No Downtime

- Compact and Portable

- Quiet

- No Air Supply Required

- Downtime (6-8 hours)

- Large

- Noisy

- Air Supply Required

Why Choose Lax?

The LAX Hydro Vacuum Cleaner is a compact, portable coolant tank cleaning unit, which can save you space, time, and money. It is easy to use and only requires an 110V power source.

The LAX does not require downtime, like many conventional coolant tank cleaning systems do, nor does it require an air supply. Click the link below to see the LAX filtering sludge from a coolant tank.

Nikuni America, Inc.
837 Oakton St. Suite F
Elk Grove Village, IL 60007

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