Vortex Dynamic Filter

Efficiently remove sludge and supply clean coolant to your machine without filtration media.

cyclone filter
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LAX Coolant Vacuum

Portable wet-to-dry coolant filtration without downtime.

coolant filtration
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New G and D Series

Multi-purpose regenerative turbine pumps.

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Micro-Bubble Pumps for DAF

Multi-purpose regenerative turbine pumps.

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VDF - Vortex Dynamic Filter

Cyclonic Coolant Filtration

The VDF Cyclone Filter is a media free coolant filtration system which achieves filtration through centrifugal force, eliminating the need for disposable or cartridge filters.

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KTM - Micro-Bubble Generator


The Nikuni KTM creates pressurized air-enriched whitewater with highly reliable performance, insuring excellent stability in processes and systems such as DAF.

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G Series - OEM Pump

G Series

Nikuni's G series pumps are precision designed to be used in a variety of OEM applications.

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FHD - Boiler Pumps

Boiler Pumps

Lineup and benefits of Nikuni pumps for use with boilers, including the FHD line.

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