Vortex Dynamic Filter

Highly efficient filtration without the need for replacement media.

The Vortex Dynamic Filter is a media free coolant filtration system which achieves filtration through centrifugal force eliminating the need for disposable paper or cartridge filters


Maintenance Free
No Filtration Media
No Downtime
Cost Saving

Cyclone Systems


Manual Cyclone System

manual sludge pod valve


Semi-automatic Cyclone System

automatic sludge pod valve
supernatant return
autostop when full
sludgetank with scraper


Fully Automatic Cyclone System

automatic sludge pod valve
supernatant return
autostop when full
gather-up conveyor

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How it Works

Fluid containing sludge flows from the supply pump into the VDF via the side port and through the inlet, which is positioned tangential to the periphery at the top of the separator.The fluid flows along the inner wall of the cyclone and the pressure energy is converted into rotational energy. Whilst turning under the strong centrifugal force, the heavier sludge descends the tapered body towards the narrow nozzle in the base of the VDF. After passing the nozzle the sludge is discharged into the sludge pod

The discharged sludge rapidly loses its rotational force, is collected in the sludge pod and collects until discharging, either manually or via a solenoid valve. Any ultra fine sludge which is unable to generate sufficient centrifugal force and descend down the inner wall of the separator, is discharged along with the cleaned fluid from the top port. During this process an area of low pressure is present in the center of the separator.


Filtration Performance vs Supply Pressure
 Water (specific gravity 1.0, kinematic viscosity 1cSt)
Sludge: Aluminum
Filtration Performance at 0.3MPA - Water vs Oil
(specific gravity 1.0, kinematic viscosity 1cSt)
Cutting Oil (specific gravity 0.86, kinematic viscosity 5cSt)

Sizes and Dimensions

Unit Flow

Underflow Connection Methods

Submerged, Adapter, and Sludge Pod

New Drum Pod Underflow

Case Study Videos

Vortex Dynamic Filter

Sludge Capture Demo

Short video demonstration of the VDF Cyclone Filter capturing sludge and providing clean fluid back to the tank.

Vortex Dynamic Filter

Cast Iron Sludge Customer Demo

Watch the VDF Cyclone Filter successfully remove cast iron sludge from water based coolant.


Cyclone vs Paper and Magnetic Filtration

Sludge shown is collected by the NAX CS II Cyclone System after it has gone through a paper filter and magnetic filter.

Catalogs and Data

VDF CatalogDrum Pod Flyer

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