G Series

OEM Precision Turbine Pump

G Series Common Features :

1. Precisely machined components are assembled with a special high precision custom built motor. The impeller is fixed to the pump shaft to prevent wear due to contact with other parts to maintain excellent performance over a long pump lifetime.

2. Comes standard with a SiC × Carbon × FKM mechanical seal for strong chemical and heat resistance.

3. Available in GNL (medium pressure) and GNH (high pressure) models for most efficient fit, reduced motor size and power-consumption to reduce overall equipment cost.

4. Other materials available upon request.

5. Dedicated close coupling component to accommodate explosion proof motors.

6. Easy to assemble without the need for special tools thanks to the simple construction.

7. Sealless magnet drive configuration is available upon request. Please contact us for details.

Various Configurations are Possible:

Model Codes
Pump Curve

GNL Features:

1.Due to its symmetrical structure, the pump can be operated in both forward and reverse directions. Having two suction and discharge ports, the installation positioning within equipment and flow direction can be changed, thus improving the degree of freedom in piping designs.

※Over 10 different flow configurations including forward/reverse, splitting merging flows, and more.

2.With an extra port for priming, the pump can also be used to install various gauges,sensors, relief valves, orifices and more for greater convenience and added value to equipment.

GNH Features :

1. A discharge pressure of up to 1.5 MPa is achieved on account of the strengthened shaft that suppresses deflection even during high load operation. In addition, performance deterioration due to component wear is kept down to maintain a high level of performance over a long lifetime.

2.Can be used as an alternative to stainless steel rotary vane pumps or gear pumps,with less noise and internal wear for the low viscosity fluid service.