Micro bubble Pumps

Solutions for DAF, mixing and microbubble applications

Nikuni has developed a unique and compact Micro-Bubble Generator - the KTM - that creates pressurized air-enriched whitewater with highly reliable performance, ensuring excellent stability in processes and systems such as DAF units in water treatment plants.


Eliminates the need for  air compressors
or large saturation tanks
Sucks, mixes, and dissolves
all in one unit
Easy to retrofit to
existing DAF systems
Micro-sized bubbles
Working Flow

Sucking, mixing / dissolving, & pressurization all with one unit!


Nikuni KTM vs Conventional DAF Systems

The Nikuni KTM does not require large, costly equipment that many conventional DAF systems require, such as compressors, ejectors, static mixers and saturation vessels


Featured Videos

KTM - Micro-Bubble Generator


Video introduction for applications using the Nikuni KTM micro-bubble pump line for wastewater treatment (DAF).

KTM - Micro-Bubble Generator

Liquid and Gas Mixing

Video introduction for applications that require liquid-gas mixing and other micro-bubble applications.

model lineup

Performance Table

Closed coupling models are also available for sizes KTM20F/N - KTM40F/N.
Pumps are availiable in cast iron, SS304, and SS316.


KTM Trial Unit

Nikuni offers our KTM Trial Unit for customers looking to do testing with microbubbles before purchasing a larger unit. This unit comes with all accessories needed to generate microbubbles, as seen in the box in the image below.

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